Rachèl Louise

The half Dutch, half American singer-songwriter decided to leave her homebase and left at the age of seventeen to go to Los Angeles. Rachèl auditioned for Musicians Institute in Hollywood and got accepted to this prestigeous school of music. After three years she came back to the Netherlands with a backpack full of songs and started a journey through Holland with her piano to play people her music.  

The money that was earned by shows she put right back into her carreer. Because of that she could make her first EP “Living in Holland” in 2011 with the radiohit “At the Disco” and with that she was noticed because of her honest voice and her unique way of songwriting. In 2012 she recorded her debut album named “Be Your Own Cheerleader”. Her brother plays a great role in the band, songwriting and production process. “My lyrics are all my own, they’re too personal” explains Rachèl, whom exchanged the more pianobased sound of the EP for a more bombastic produced album.

A succesful tour resulted into shows at DWDD, 3FM, 538, Giel Beelen and Rachèl opened up for many artists like James Morrison, Tom Mcrae, Brooke Fraser and Dotan. After this turbulant period of time the Utrecht based singer-songwriter decided to take a step back to focus onto the next creative process. In the search of her own sound she realised she wanted to go back to the basics, the core. Back to the piano, back to how songs are born and back to the honest sound in which Rachèl fills up the space with empathy and magic. No longer afraid to look for her darker side and no longer afraid to dig deeper into her own music.

Next to her own project Rachèl has developed into a songwriter for several artists like Laura van Kaam, the Junior Songfestival, GTST, Hind and many other artists and composers. She is also a bandmember of singer-songwriter and good friend Dotan, and was able to sing along on the album.

New music of Rachèl Louise will be released at the end of 2015. New baggage, new songs and an old sould and angelic voice will have you moved. 


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