Seven League Beats

Seven League Beats is a production duo and live act from Zwolle, The Netherlands and were a part of the critically acclaimed hiphop collective Fakkelteitgroep, which seized to exist in 2015. The duo, consisting of Rob Peters and Dries Bijlsma, produces a variety of electronic music and hiphop, both for various artists and autonomous releases. Rob and Dries both have degrees in music and their skills as multi-instrumentalists shine through in their music. Seven League Beats’ style is best described as eclectic with roots in modern bass music, but also dub, hiphop, jazz, and pop. 7LB is best known for their abillity to combine all kinds of styles from all over the globe to create a powerful, unique sound. Seemingly effortless they go from traditionally recorded material to all computer-based compositions. 

Most recently the duo worked on rapper Typhoon’s album 'Lobi da Basi', which received multiple awards and positive reviews such as 3voor12’s best album award, two Edisons(!) and best album of 2014 according to newspapers De Volkskrant and De Telegraaf. In June 2015 'Lobi da Basi' reached gold status and is again rising in the dutch charts. 

As of now they are on a sold out tour with Typhoon and are the house band for the populair Dutch television show De Wereld Draait Door. Apart from autonomous releases and producing for other artists, Seven League Beats also produces music and sound design for al sorts of film and other projects. Most recently the film Démontable by Douwe Dijkstra, which features Seven League Beats’ music and sound design, was nominated for a Gouden Kalf and is screened at film festivals around the world including the prestigious Clermont Ferrand Filmfestival.

Seven League Beats are part of Raen Music Publishing.