AKA Block is an Amsterdam based artist, songwriter & producer.

Having spent the last year working with an array of artists such as Girls Love DJ’s, FeestDJRuud, Dirtcaps, LAKSHMI, CUT_, Zanillya, Dem Slackers and many more, AKA Block is proud to announce his first solo EP ‘The X in LXFE’.

The genre defying EP could most accurately be described as Alternative Rap and could be compared to artists such as Flying Lotus, James Blake, Childish Gambino & Ben Khan. For the production of the EP, Block collaborated with The Flying Hihats, CUT_ & Spasmatic.

‘The X in LXFE’ is an EP driven by heavy beats and bass. Block grew up with reggae, funk & soul, which reflect in his song writing. Reoccurring themes on the EP are sex, drugs, trust, emptiness, loneliness and addiction.

Its first single will be ‘Liquid Mirrors’