Alice france


Alice France is a vibrant artist and songwriter from the Netherlands. From a young age she was drawn to music and started playing the violin when she was only four years old. Then she went on to play in the Dutch National Youth orchestra. 
Her appreciation for singing and R&B music started early on. She mostly got inspired by the legendary divas like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin. Following High School, she enrolled in a music program at the Conservatory to develop her vocal talent and songwriting skills. With an undeniable passion for performing and writing, Alice embarked on an international journey to collaborate with talented writers like, David Hodges, Jamie Hartman and Sam Gray.

At the moment Alice France is working hard at manifesting her dreams and is doing very well with releasing her first single: “True Love”, a collaboration with JUIC3BOX aka Sam Gray. The single has surpassed over a million streams within 6 weeks being on Spotify. Her second single: “Like You Love Me”, is a feature single which she has written along with Conro, Disero & Eric Lumiere and was released by Martin Garrix label STMPD records. However this is only the beginning for Alice and we will see more music being released by her soon.