CTM Films is the film production company of CTM Entertainment. Its objective is clear: to develop, finance and produce feature films with originality, authenticity and a compelling story.

We work with storytellers who are ambitious, have passion for film and are known for their positive mindset. Our aim is to develop projects with people from various disciplines. So next to the known screenwriters and directors we also involve, novelists, theatre makers, musicians and the likes. Combine different creative minds and the stories will amaze you.

Originally set up by recognised international producer Denis Wigman. Today, the day to day management is run by his daughter Marijn, combining more than 30 years of experience with the young, energetic view on film and media of the next generation.

With our documentaries we aim to reveal what otherwise will remain hidden. We strive to make films that move, shock or motivate; that reveal universal truth n individual human stories. In short, we want our films to move you.

To achieve this, we develop a clear strategy for each film. This means that in this fast changing industry, we actively seek new possibilities to create, finance and distribute our documentaries. We are constantly looking for the right mix of artistic vision and international commercial potential.

CTM Docs stems from the collaboration between Denis Wigman of CTM Pictures and Rosan Boersma from CTM Docs. This combines over thirty years of experience with zeal and ambition.