glen faria


Glen Faria / Fit, is known in many ways. For example through his work as a director and actor with the Amsterdam theatergroup Likeminds or perhaps you recognize him from his work as MC at Appelsap, Bassline or another hip-hop event in your area. Mainly you know him as a rapper and member of the hip-hop formation Flinke Namen that he formed with Sef, Murth the Man-O-script and The Flexican. You know, the group that light up the stage and the group with hits like ‘Wolken’ and ‘Als Ze Langs Loopt’. 

Glen Faria started his rap career twenty years ago while also being involved with theater. After the success with Flinke Name he created the musictheatershow 'Glen Faria' in preparation for his debut album. This album contains tracks with honest lyrics about love, family life and social issues but also about the nightlife scene and all the temptations that it has. The album 'Glen Faria' is produced by producer duo Morgan Avenue and it came out in March 2013. Fit describes his solo debut as an honest album with great songs. "The lyrics I wrote for Flinke Namen were tough and show-off. With this album I want to show a different side of myself. I decided to be close to myself and to keep it in my own reality. 

"Glen Faria taught himself to play the piano to a large extent. The piano plays an important role on the upcoming album. "The whole album started with just a piano tune. Most of the time I start playing something on my piano and it ends with a number. "The live show of Glen Faria is an fusion of all his different sides and backgrounds. Supported by stunning visuals, he tells his story to the public. Outspoken, honest and painfully recognizable, which is Glen Faria.