Oliver twizt

Soooo there was this kid in the 80’s who gave Holland something to brag about- he was born. His name is Joel aka Oliver Twizt. From the roughed up edges of the Dutch streets he hung out on, records shops watched him dig for music while hip-hop and hardcore beats kidnapped him into the ghetto.

But it was at the turn of the millennium when the world was meant to blow up that saw Oliver Twizt drop the texts books and study Frooty Loops, giving him future Mad Decent and Mixmash Records status! Becoming a dangerous producer of the electro, house and trap movement expanding his hip-hop and urban drum tricks, his music went from his bestie’s Walkman to Tomorrowland! Snap.

With a skill for fidgety sounding techno-ghetto beats, Oliver never sat in a straight-laced genre. Instead, bashing together too many sounds of crazy masterpieces brought him to where is today. Keeping it raw in the studio, Rolling Stone featured the recent collaboration premier with Diplo on ‘Go’ while ‘XXX’ with Angger Dimas released on Dim Mak caused small mayhem! Over at the Mixmash office it’s no surprise the speakers are still standing after the release of ‘Gladiator’ with Sandro Silva and more recently solo originals ‘3Chainz’ and ‘Let Me see You Do It’. Damn!

Just hangin’ out, it’s not uncommon for the Twizty to get the odd remix request too- no biggie, just a few under is belt like ‘Give me All Your Luvin’ for Madonna and Justin Bieber’s chart killer ‘Boyfriend’. It’s the most recent on Ultra Records with a dirty trap vibe that has settled the score on Oliver’s proper ability to mess shit up! Start with ‘Singularity’ for Steve Aoki and Angger Dimas featuring ‘My Name is Kay’ then drop it just a weeeee bit harder for the Bloody Beetroots featuring Tai and Bart B More on ‘Spank’. Rude!

With swag of US dates in the company of Sandro Silva later in 2013, the country is bound to be torn to shreds after the Mixmash tour invades every city its intended for! Following the stage antics at Tomorrowland two years in a row and EDC Las Vegas, Oliver Twizt has run wild with his sounds from country to country.

True to his roots but an icon for the future. O