The One True Religion

Have you, like me, ever pondered to think and ask yourself: what is the true religion? Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Nihilsm, Hinduism, scientology etcetera etcetera. All these religions profess to pay homage to one deity and they each have a name for Him: God, Buddha Gautama, Prophet Muhammad among other names; others like Hindus practice polytheism. A friend of mine once told me all religions are like some several winding paths leading to one destination. Really? Well, let’s see.

I am and have always been a respecter for all religions; after all, no one chooses to be born a Christian a Hindu or a Muslim. That notwithstanding, we can either all be terribly wrong on this one; or be damn right in the converse. A Muslim will attest to The Lord is the one true God his faith even to death, a Christian the same and others are no exception. My proposition is that there are several gods; it’s just that we do not Know the benevolent ones from the malevolent ones. That, however, is too radical a presumption for being a born again Christian, my Bible tells me that there is one true God and only He should be worshipped.

A Muslim will tell you that Allah is the true God and Muhammad is his only prophet. Is there a conflict here? Are we at cross purposes? Sample this: There are more than 1.8 billion Christians in the world today. The rest of the major religions have a sizable chunk of followers as well. What will happen eventually? I have always known one fact: I would rather be wrong all the way and later it turnout my religion was false, than assume my religion is the right one and woe and betide, it turns out I was wrong all the time. I do not have the moral authority neither I am prejudiced against any religion. What however is important is to be vigilant about our beliefs, prejudices, misconceptions and notions.

You may not be like me but kindly allow me to be a bit radical here. Are we honest with our religions? Faith? I think people have long made up their minds about their true faiths. My question today is: Are you contented with your religion? Do you believe that your religion is the true one. I know this article will be read by people of diverse religious background. I do not shy from my religion: am a born again Christian and profess its faith in Jesus as the founder of Christianity and God as our Heavenly Father.

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